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Gastamo JOB SERVICE is a Polish employment agency that finds good employees from Poland for you.

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Are you looking for a good employee permanently? Or want to hire someone temporarily? Gastamo is a Polish employment agency that offers access to qualified personnel. You will definitely choose the right person with us.

Gastamo – a Polish agency sends employees to Ireland, Scotland and UK.


For years, Ireland has been the direction of economic emigration most often chosen by Poles. Higher salary than in Poland, attractive working conditions and broad development opportunities are the basic factors that encourage Polish employees to look for employment in Ireland.

In turn, Ireland employers readily offer jobs to Poles because of their practical skills, extensive experience and willingness to work. To find the right employee, they can use the Gastamo offer. It is a Polish employment agency which recruits employees from Poland for entrepreneurs from Ireland, Scotland and UK. Both employers and employees from various sectors of the economy come to us, including gastronomy and the hotel industry, medical care, engineering and industry. We offer our Irish clients the best staff, and attractive working conditions for employees from Poland. We also help in completing all formalities related to the employment of an employee and his stay in Ireland.

Why we?

GASTAMO Job Service is a nationwide international employment and personal consultancy agency that specializes in recruitment services for employees in Ireland, Germany, Austria and Norway. Our offer is directed to companies looking for competent professionals and to candidates – jobseekers and people who want to change jobs or obtain an additional source of income.

Polish employees with the English language

The Gastamo employment agency recruits Polish employees who speak German to the extent indicated by the employer.

For each order, we carry out a thorough, reliable selection based on our rich and constantly updated database. Our employees from Poland are thoroughly checked so that the company can be sure that the expected staff will be employed. Recruitment conducted by Gastamo Job Service also concerns the verification of other skills – both soft and hard.

The cooperation consists in finding people who will guarantee the efficient realization of the selected order. In each case, we take full responsibility for the recruitment process. We know our work perfectly, which is why we know how to search and select employees who are able to meet the requirements set for them. In case of any problems, we provide the opportunity to exchange an employee for a free one within 6 months of employment.

Qualified employees from Poland

Gastamo Job Service provides access to a rich database of qualified employees with experience and skills appropriate for the selected industry.

Polish employees for Irish, Norwegian, German and Austrian companies are selected depending on the requirements of the employers reporting to us. We guarantee accurate selection and recruitment – all to find people with a profile matching the project being implemented. Whether it is long-term, short-term or seasonal. We serve various industries and markets Importantly, our database includes candidates who are ready to start work immediately. All this definitely shortens the entire process of seeking the right staff. Polish employees enjoy a good reputation – we try to keep it that way, choosing people who are able to meet all the requirements they face.

Polish employees without qualifications

We provide access to employees from Poland with various profiles and skill ranges.

We guarantee recruitment also for positions that do not require specialist qualifications, as well as for typically physical work. Even in the case of low requirements, we make a careful selection so that employers who come to us can create a team that will be able to successfully carry out the tasks they face. Regardless of their type. The employment agency from Poland Gastamo Job Service is also an excellent choice for candidates who would like to find employment in Ireland, Germany, Austria or Norway. We significantly facilitate the search for a job thanks to our contacts and cooperation with many companies. We guarantee employers the opportunity to exchange an employee for a new one within 6 months of his employment. Importantly, this is carried out without any additional fees. Thanks to this, the organization of staff becomes easier and more efficient than ever.

Polish specialists for German companies

The Polish employment agency Gastamo Job Service offers recruitment for specialist positions, regardless of the industry.

We provide access to a rich database of qualified employees from Poland who are ready to start the order immediately. We try our best to meet the requirements of employers reporting to us. That is why we make a precise selection based on the necessary soft and hard competences, language skills as well as availability. All this to ensure that the final list contains candidates perfectly prepared to take up a job.
Polish specialists for Irish companies are sought and employed without incurring significant personnel costs. Using the Gastamo Job Service offer also saves time needed to complete the recruitment process. We take all this on ourselves. We also offer training for employees to improve their competences./p>

Polish employees for seasonal work

When the season arrives, the demand for employees increases significantly.

Gastamo helps in the search for people who will be able to meet all the requirements set for a particular seasonal job. Our selection is based on selected hard and soft competences, necessary education and experience, as well as language skills.
Employees from Poland for Irish companies are selected strictly according to the conditions presented to us. We help in making contact as well as starting cooperation. If necessary, it is possible to exchange an employee for a new one within the first 6 months of employment. All this is done without additional fees. Our database is constantly updated, which is why employers always have access to a large number of employees from which they can choose those consistent with the imposed profile. The services we provide also give a chance for all job seekers.

Our clients

We present a few selected clients for whom we work


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