Thousands of Poles live and work in UK and Ireland. Their number is still increasing significantly. They are hired in different industries and in different positions – they are mostly praised for hard work.

The employment agency Gastamo Job Service deals with the recruitment of employees from Poland. It guarantees access to a huge database, from which the selection is carried out based on the needs and requirements of the employer and the special features of the task to be performed. This enables companies from foreign countries to find exactly the people they are looking for.

How are the Poles in Germany rated?

The reputation of Polish workers in Ireland has changed positively in the last 10 years. Although the Poles often mention the low recruitment costs in various surveys, their professionalism and serious consideration of the duties imposed by employers are also emphasized.

Both in the specialist positions, as well as in positions without special qualifications (mainly physical work is meant), the reputation for hard work and hard work prevails. The workers from Poland always take their work seriously and they want to do the job best, which is an opportunity for the raise. This significantly increases performance. The question of assimilation should also be mentioned. The Polish workers have no problems with that. They do not become alienated, they do not form their own groups, they want to participate actively in social life, so they show their healthy commitment.

What qualifications do the Polish workers have?

Gastamo Job Service checks every applicant for the requirements that an employer specifies for the respective positions. The training, experience and foreign language skills are analyzed in particular. Such a selection allows the corresponding package of applicants to be created, which is sent to the companies.

Because of the increased interest in studying (which has been seen in Poland for over a decade), the qualifications and training of Polish workers are highly valued. This means that there are no major difficulties in finding people for different positions. Namely in relation to the technical work for which a certain degree is required as well as in relation to the simple work and the seasonal setting, e.g. at harvests.

Access to such diverse staff is highly valued by companies in Ireland. It should be emphasized here that Gastamo organizes a large number of training courses designed to improve the skills of the employees for the selected positions. Both vocational and language training are meant here. Everything ensures the appropriate preparation of an employee for the requirements of the employer.

Language skills of workers from Poland.

Although there were problems with this a few or more years ago, English skills among Polish workers are currently being improved. It is the result of the longer presence in this market as well as various language training courses that improve the skills of applicants in this area.

These are also managed by Gastamo Job Service. We ensure that employees are appropriately prepared not only for the hard skills, but also for the language skills. Of course, everything is reflected in better contact between the employer and the employee.

When marking workers from Poland, they should also emphasize their consideration of work and their willingness to maintain their position. Of course, this is reflected in the consideration of the realized obligations and in a high level of their commitment. In many surveys, employers point out that workers from Poland do a lot to ensure that their suitability for the company increases constantly, which of course keeps them on the job and helps them gain advancement or raise.

Looking for a worker from Poland

The Polish employment agency Gastamo Job Service helps Irish companies to find applicants who fit perfectly into the selected positions. Our services are complex in nature, so help is provided from the beginning to the end of the recruitment process.

In every situation, we want to concentrate on getting to know the needs and requirements set by our contractual partners. The basis for further actions is formed by signing the cooperation agreement. This is also necessary to prepare the first list of applicants.

We provide access to the extensive employee database, which is constantly updated. This means that our customers can count on a really large selection. After analyzing expectations and requirements, we send the respective applications for assessment. After the applicants have been chosen, we organize the contact so that the details can be confirmed.

In the event of any problems, Gastamo Job Service ensures that the employee can be exchanged within the first six months of hiring. What is important – this is free of charge.

Why is it worth choosing Gastamo?

Our employment agency takes over all duties of the HR department – for the employer this represents an enormous saving of time and money. We use the modern recruitment technologies, which ensures the perfect adaptation of the staff to the positions and the requirements in relation to the performed duties. We take full responsibility for recruiting, which means that our contract partners can be sure of the quality of the services.

Everything contributes to the fact that employers from Germany can count on access for highly qualified employees who meet all the most important criteria. This allows the staff to be completed quickly and smoothly, which is adapted to the selected project and the object of the company. In addition, the hired people can be replaced free of charge in the first 6 months.