Every eighth inhabitant of Ireland is a foreigner. It can be recognized as the largest multicultural state in the EU. The Irish economy needs workers for development. No wonder that it stays open to foreign workers, including those from Poland. In which Irish sectors are the staff from our country particularly happy to be hired?

Wholesale and retail

Irish businesses are having more and more labor problems. They believe that the employers themselves are to blame for this, since they offer low remuneration, which does not encourage Irish people to start working in this industry. As the experts point out, the salary increases in the division cannot be avoided. However, some employers want to protect themselves from this by not offering work for applicants from Ireland, for example for the Poles. There is basically one condition – communicative English. The rest can be worked into.

Construction industry

The construction and housing industry is constantly attracting Poles with job offers. They are aimed not only at qualified specialists, in particular at electricians, welders, locksmiths and painters, but also at people who want to learn a new profession and start their career in construction with the job of a helper. Above all, the zeal for work counts.

Medicine and medical care

Poland is viewed less and less by Irish employers as a reservoir for cheap labor. They are increasingly hiring qualified specialists, to whom they offer not only attractive remuneration and very good working conditions, but also a wide range of development opportunities. For example, with doctors. The Irish hospitals and medical institutions like to hire foreign graduates of medicine as their specialists.

In order to be able to treat in Ireland, the holder of a diploma on completing medical studies abroad must obtain the right to practice the profession of a doctor – the document must be recognized as equivalent to an Irish equivalent. In addition to the correspondingly proven qualifications, the fluent English language skills are also important. Professional experience is also very welcome.

The medical sector also needs nurses, paramedics and physiotherapists from Poland. Just like with doctors, they have to demonstrate their professional qualifications and experience and speak English very well.

However, this does not mean that the representatives of these professions, who only speak English sufficiently, have no business there. The older Irish society gets, the greater the need for nurses for the elderly. In order to get this job from a private person, the appropriate training is not required, although it is definitely welcome. Rather, what counts is experience, gentleness and certain characteristics, such as empathy, patience or resistance to stress.

Computer science

The specialists from the IT industry are needed for the rapidly developing Irish economy. The programmers, webmasters and SEO and SEM experts are particularly interested. The employers are also looking for software testers, service workers and people who deal with computer crime.

The Polish computer scientists who want to work in Ireland, however, have to face the fairly large competition on the market with foreign experts, especially with the Hindus or the Chinese, the number of which is increasing regularly in Ireland. So you have to show not only the great education, but also the real skills. The English language skills are often required. In return, they can count on the large remuneration and work in a dynamic, international team.


It is an acronym for such areas of science as science (science – S), technology (technology – T), engineering (engineering – E) and mathematics (mathematics – M). These are other areas of the Irish economy in which a high demand for qualified specialists is reported. You can usually count on the attractive position in the private sector, but the state positions in the research institutes, for example, are also an interesting option.

In particular, we are looking for highly qualified engineers who can demonstrate their qualifications and experience and who speak English fluently. The door is also open in industries such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, pharmacy or mechanical and vehicle engineering.


Agriculture is another industry in which the staff is needed. The problem of finding the staff arises particularly with the fruit and vegetable gardeners. An additional burden for them is that they are looking for seasonal workers for whom the work they do can be really difficult. It happens that they find the right people almost right before the harvest.

The Irish agricultural sector offers the work particularly to the inhabitants of Eastern Europe, including the Poles. However, rejection is becoming more common as they look for better paid jobs that ensure recruitment year round. No wonder that in Irish agriculture more and more people outside the EU, e.g. the Ukrainians or the Macedonians are hired, although the labor force in Poland still likes to show up. Irish farmers offer better remuneration than Polish farmers.

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