Irish employers very often resort to Polish employees who enjoy a good reputation, especially in terms of preparing for the duties they have been assigned and on their reliability. How can you reach such people?

Poles who have been looking for better employment have been going to Ireland for several years. They can often be recorded in the offices, which makes access to them easier. However, a fair amount of competition in the market can make it more difficult to reach employees. In such a case, the HR department has to get started with a wide range of recruitment to hire the right people for the selected positions.

The whole process can be done in different ways. We try to describe them and point out the optimal solutions  so that employees can find it quickly and smoothly.

Internet recruitment

The first natural way to find applicants can be to use the potential of the web to reach a fairly large group of people in a fairly short amount of time. Especially you can use the function of several services that specialize in the publication of job vacancies abroad. It is therefore sufficient to describe the position, the requirements and the profits with which the employee can count. After that you just have to wait for the messages.

Although this is a simple method, you cannot be 100% sure that we will be contacted by applicants who meet all our expectations. You have to expect that many applications that will appear have to be rejected. The selection can also take a long time and requires a lot of work.

In addition to the services with ads, you can also use social networks, such as Facebook. We particularly recommend the LinkedIn portal, which allows applicants to reach them with a specific profile. This is of particular importance when looking for professionals.

Traditional methods

If the web is not a single area where you want to search, you can rely on the press and the publication of the ads with clearly presented expectations. This means that quite a few applicants are reached. The disadvantage of this method is the high cost. Publishing the ad in the press can be expensive, especially if you choose a long-range medium.

There are also problems that were discussed with the advertisements on the portals. There are really a lot of ads that need to be assessed and verified. There is also the risk associated with the applicant himself – verification is only possible on the spot in Ireland.

Polish employment agency

An answer to all the problems that are typical of the above-mentioned methods is the use of services that are provided by companies that specialize in recruitment and that operate in the Polish market.

The biggest advantage of the employment agency is, of course, a large database of workers to which access is granted. It is important that the company you work with takes full responsibility for the application process. Applicants are also scrutinized for their skills, education and knowledge of English. The consequence of the measures carried out by a Polish employment agency is, of course, a complete list of applicants who can meet our expectations and requirements. So there is no hectic and long search – you get the complete package to choose from.

Taking advantage of the agency’s offer is a way of saving time and money. You pay less for the services performed than if you want to start up your own HR department. It does not stop there, as the Polish employment agencies very often provide additional services, for example related to the possible exchange of workers in the event of problems.

But the most important thing is that you can count on reaching the people who fit the tasks and projects that you want to implement if you decide to outsource. Our requirements can be very detailed and they can relate to the specific levels of training, hard and soft skills and foreign language skills. It is the only method where such an exact selection is possible.

Polish employment agency Gastamo Job Service

Gastamo specializes in the procurement of Polish workers, among others. For the Irish, German and Austrian markets. It makes the whole process much easier, which can be beneficial, especially in terms of finance.

The agency’s main area of ​​activity focuses on ensuring that the detailed requirements that applicants are to meet are agreed with the contractual partner. This allows the exact selection and preparation of the package to be prepared with potential employees regardless of the number of vacancies. All applicants are carefully checked so that they finally correspond to the ideal profile presented by the employer.

Such services relieve the HR departments in companies. Gastamo Job Service uses modern recruitment methods. The agency also implements numerous professional and language training courses, which further increase the competence of the applicants that are in the database. It is worth emphasizing that the agency also ensures that a worker can be exchanged free of charge during the first six months after hiring.

When analyzing all methods of recruiting Polish workers for work in UK or Ireland, it seems that the cheapest solution is to hire the Polish employment agency operating in this market. The agency is well aware of this, which makes the available database of applicants really extensive. Profits are made for the employer who is able to hire exactly the people he wants. It is very convenient to use the services recommended by an employment agency because the employer is relieved of the need to carry out a procurement process, which in most cases is also quite expensive. Due to the above, a job agency seems to be the most optimal solution.