We have the largest database of candidates (in all industries) in Poland who are ready to start work. Since 2016, we have been recruiting Polish employees not only throughout our country, but also in England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany , Austria. This gives us the opportunity to find employees for our customers with very high requirements.

Firstly, we carry out the verification of our candidates: we check foreign language skills, training, certificates and previous work experience.

We send applications from our candidates (CVs) in English. The candidates know our customer’s offer and are ready for the trip.

Employment is carried out on the client’s side under the conditions applicable in his country. We help you to complete all the formalities related to our employee’s travel, employment and other activities.

If our client cannot provide accommodation for the Polish employees, we will help and organize it for our candidates.

We offer you permanent collaboration and recruitment. After signing the contract, you have the opportunity to order an unlimited number of employees in each profession, without additional costs and fees.

After hiring the employee provided by Gastamo, we will take care of all matters related to documents, translations, agreements, data and information transfer during this time. In the event of the termination of the hired employee, we are obliged to quickly replace him or her with a new candidate.

Below presented 3 types of cooperation:



700 €

495 €

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One-time recruitment of employee.
The project begins with the signing of the contract and ends with the end of a monthly trial period of the selected candidate.
The employer will receive applications from candidates by email.
All applications are verified (including the employee’s language skills, training, previous experience, certificates).
The candidates’ CVs will be sent successively until the appropriate person is hired.
After the full month of the employee’s trial work, the employee should be hired according to the conditions specified in the entry form.
During the trial period, the employer has also the opportunity to replace the employee, and the new trial period begins.
Publication of the job offer on up to 100 job exchanges.
The commission is 495 EUR after the full month of work and the final admission of our candidate.
The employer does not bear any additional costs for the replacement of the employee.
No additional costs and commissions are charged after the trial period and employment.
If you are interested in cooperation, there is a choice of the Premium variant or Service Package.



1900 €

1595 €

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Temporary collaboration for 2 years.
0 EUR for commissions! All ordered employees are free of commission!
The employer is named as a PREMIUM customer who has a priority over other employers in receiving candidates for the ordered positions.
You also have support throughout the term of the PREMIUM contract.
The employer has the opportunity to get any number of employees from any industry during the period of cooperation (2 years)!
During the contract period (i.e. for 2 years), the employer has the opportunity to replace any employee, regardless of the length of employment – For free!
The employer reports every new need for employees.
After the contract expires, the employer can continue to employ the employees permanently.
The premium employer is assigned a single customer advisor who is only available to him.
The activation fee is 1595 € when the contract is concluded. This payment is unique and covers the costs of the cooperation regardless of the number of employees ordered and their qualifications.
Quick and easy selection of candidates thanks to individual adjustment.
Logo in the search results list of the candidates for more attention.
Over 3 million of candidates from all over Poland.
Contact person.
Publication of the job offer on up to 100 job exchanges.
Additional reach on Facebook.
Individualized layout of advertisements on the Gastamo homepage.



800 €

695 €

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Permanent cooperation.
The employer becomes a regular customer and has the opportunity, depending on current needs, to open recruitment projects.
The employer has the opportunity to get the necessary employees in any quantity and at any time of cooperation.
The employer has 6 full months to check the employees. During this time, he also has the option of exchanging employees at no additional cost.
After a six-month trial period, the employer has the right to keep the employees already employed.
No further commissions will be charged after six months.
The one-time activation fee amounts to 695 € after the contract is concluded and covers the costs of the cooperation regardless of the number of employees ordered or their qualifications. (This is not a fee for every recruited employee).
For each month of work, the commission is charged in the amount of 1 € per worked hour, per month, but not longer than 6 months.
Publication of the job offer on up to 100 job exchanges.
You can switch to the premium package at any time.


    They trusted us

    You can find our customers' reference contributions below

    Gastamo showed their incredible professionalism by promoting twelve professionals we needed. The highest culture when looking at the customer, vast experience, ease and flexibility are the qualities that the company can show.
    Hans Kruger

    Project Manager

    We can recommend working with Gastamo as an example of a reliable, smooth and on-time job. We hired the staff ordered faster than we expected and the quality of the applications sent exceeded our expectations.
    Justyna Mikołajczak


    The entire Gastamo team was up to the task during the course of our application process. The company is definitely recommended and ready to carry out and implement any challenge, we will use the services of Gastamo in the future - thank you!
    Michael Muller

    New business developer

    A professional character of the services provided, the customer is constantly informed about the phases of recruiting, the service commissioned was carried out quickly and satisfactorily, the needs and the comments reported by the customer are taken into account, these are characteristics that Gastamo company deals with the application of qualified employees.
    Gabriel Jończyk


    Gastamo Job Service can be an example of a good cooperation with the customer. On the job market, it is seldom that the agreed deadlines as well as the needs of the employer are met. Our assignment included the recruitment of ten specialists from the metalworking industry. Everything was done professionally. Gastamo's recruitment department took into account all of the comments we made during implementation and provided professional help at every stage. I highly recommend it!
    Ludwig Randecker

    HR Manager, Scania

    Best contact, professional approach and flexibility in working together. Meeting deadlines and professional competence should be the motto of Gastamo Job Service.
    Thomas Neumann

    Inhaber, Hotel zum Ochsen

    Cooperation with Gastamo Job Service was perfect. Fast contact, great flexibility and creativity characterize the company and make it recommendable. I am sure that my cooperation with this company does not end with one order.
    Irene Wanke

    Director General, Impenia

    This recruitment company has offered us the best conditions for working together compared to the others who also act as comprehensive recruiters. When choosing Gastamo Job Service, when it comes to employee recruitment and comprehensive job service, we focused on clear customer service and a competitive / affordable offer. The firmly established position of Gastamo Job Service on the market and the positive opinions were also important.
    Andreas Mohl

    Projekt manager, Zalando

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