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See how we work and support employers in the foreign labor market.


Application process

We start the application by getting to know the preferences and needs of our customers. We attach great importance to getting to know our contractual partners. The contract is signed at the beginning of the cooperation. The applicants chosen and prepared for the interviews are presented to the customer in the contractually agreed date. Depending on the type of project, applicants are advertised on the basis of our constantly updated database; we only deliver applicants that meet the criteria of the employer.


The selection of applicants begins with the sending of applications that are adapted to the respective project. Every applicant is checked for training, professional experience and foreign language skills.

Depending on the number of vacancies and the time, we send an applicant package every day that perfectly fits the needs. After the applicants have finally been selected for the positions we have ordered, we determine the start of the work and hand over the exact contact details to both contracting parties so that all data and details are finally confirmed. If an employer is dissatisfied with his new employee, we will provide another one free of charge.

Application process

Gastamo’s offer guarantees our customers the recruitment of a worker who is perfectly adapted to current needs. Our services successfully face the challenges of HR departments in the season of seasonal sales, i.e. the increase in the level of services offered. We carry out the entire recruitment process and verify all information provided by the employees. After hiring the employee, it is possible to exchange him for a new one for another 6 months.
We take full responsibility for recruiting, enabling our customers to focus on the business.
Employees are advertised for each project according to the job requirements and expectations. Gastamo offers language and vocational training that prepares applicants for a job.
The modern mobile and internet technologies ensure undisturbed communication between the customer, the employer and the dedicated consultant from Gastamo. We offer our customers online chat, the form, the helpline or email contact.

Volume of services

The modern methods of selection and application, which guarantee the employment of a suitably qualified employee for a job.
Gastamo’s consultants adjust the number of applicants to the positions ordered so that the perfectly adapted people can be selected.
Operation of the employee after hiring during the 6 additional working months.
Exchange of workers if necessary.
Training, language and professional programs.
Complete responsibility in the scope of the application and the handling after the application.


Access to the database of qualified workers who are ready to start work both in Poland and abroad.
Flexibility of employment time, which reduces the emergence of personnel costs in the downtimes of the respective types of business.
Relief for the HR department, no need to carry out an application process, which helps to reduce the associated costs.

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