Every year more and more Poles are hired for work by Irish employers. The reason for this is the high qualifications and the rich professional experience. It is also not without reason how they carry out their assigned tasks. They are reliable and they do their duties conscientiously. Which professions are searched for by Irish companies?

Which employees do employers need?

Ireland was a country of the European Union, where the process of obtaining a work permit was incredibly complicated. However, these regulations were liberalized – the Poles do not need any permits for legal employment. The Irish government has recognized legislation that prohibits discrimination against an employee based on nationality, including fees.

No wonder that many Poles are interested in starting work in Ireland, where you can expect not only the same treatment, but also the great remuneration and great development prospects. However, not every Pole finds a job looking for employment. The greatest chance of finding a job have still the highly qualified professionals and the people with fluent English skills. Here is a list of the professions that are particularly popular in the Irish market.

Caregiver for seniors

The progressive process of aging society is a problem in many highly developed countries. It also affects Ireland. Due to the increasing number of senior citizens, the demand on the Irish market for caregivers of senior citizens is increasing.

You do not need to have medical training to apply for this position. These are rather the psychological characteristics that count, such as empathy, patience, benevolence, resistance to stress and gentleness. Another great advantage is the experience in caring for the elderly and the at least communicative knowledge of English.

Although it is not necessary to have medical training, nurses, paramedics and professional medical assistants have the greatest chance of being hired as medical assistants in Ireland.

Representative of the medical professions

In Ireland, nurses, caregivers and paramedics can be hired not only to care for the elderly, but also in the hospitals. Many Irish treatment centers have a need for qualified medical personnel. In this case, in addition to the relevant demonstrable training and professional experience, it is necessary to speak the English language fluently.

In the Irish hospitals, doctors are also happy to be hired to work. However, people with the diploma of completing medical studies must acquire the right to practice the profession of doctor abroad in Ireland in order to be admitted to a hospital. If the document is recognized as the Irish equivalent, the doctor can start working. Fluency in English is also required for applicants.

Qualified construction workers

The housing boom that is currently noticeable in Ireland means that practically every specialist who carries out the construction and completion work and has the appropriate qualifications and professional experience can find employment with our western neighbors even if they do not speak English well.

The list of the most searched construction specialists includes Electricians, locksmiths, painters, carpenters, welders and specialists for operating the machines for digital CNC processing. The representatives of these professions can see no shortage of attractive job offers.

Mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology

The representatives of the professions from these areas also have great chances of being hired in Ireland, especially in private companies. In order for this to happen, however, they must have a diploma from a university and speak English. They also benefit from the achievements that they have gained either during their studies or at work.


Irish construction and industry are developing rapidly, they report a great need for qualified personnel every year, especially the engineers. Engineers who have obtained their degrees in the following sectors are particularly popular on the market: mechanical and vehicle engineering, IT (especially programming), telecommunications, electrical engineering and construction technology.

In order to start working in Ireland, the Polish engineers have to demonstrate their qualifications and professional experience and have a perfect command of the English language. Irish employers are valued by Polish workers for good working conditions, attractive remuneration and for development opportunities. They like to hire the Poles because of their high qualifications, professional experience and reliable and careful execution of their duties. Irish-Polish cooperation is therefore a source of shared profits. We know about it at Gastamo. Therefore we find the best employees from Poland for our customers from Ireland, Germany and Austria. We carefully select the applicants, taking into account not only the requirements, but also the adaptation to the company. We are constantly updating our employee database so that the risk of wrong employee choices is eliminated. This enables us to meet the rapidly changing needs of our customers. As a result, they can focus on developing theirs.