Polish workers are highly valued on the Irish market. If you want to reach and complete the qualified staff, then it is worthwhile to contact an agency that has access to an extensive applicant database. Gastamo Job Service takes care of that.

Finding people from Poland on your own requires a lot of effort. The HR department has to do a lot of work to find the workers who meet the specific requirements. Fulfil the position and ensure that the assigned tasks are carried out. In order to save time and money, it is worthwhile to be interested in the services of the Polish employment agencies that specialize in delivering workers to the Irish market.

Gastamo Job Service ensures the highest quality of the services provided and access to the constantly updated database of applicants, which can be used in the application process for several different positions – both the specialist positions and positions that do not require great qualifications.

The Polish Employment Agency is saving time and money.

The presence in the market from which the workers are recruited is very important. This not only ensures good knowledge, but also makes it easy to find applicants and that people with different qualifications and skills can be selected.

Conquering the foreign market therefore requires strict work by the HR department, which focuses primarily on the design of the database of applicants and then on their selection. The whole process of looking for workers from Poland can be shortened by deciding to outsource the tasks. By hiring the Polish Employment Agency, employers will get rid of many of the problems associated with the above measures.

A Polish employment agency primarily ensures access to huge database of applicants, which can be used very cheaply for a company. It allows to reach to people who meet all requirements associated with hard and soft skills. A job agency takes over the competencies of the HR department by ensuring better and faster success. Everything happens because it is constantly present on the Polish market.

Due to the above, the employer from Ireland not only saves time but also money. At the same time, he can count on the satisfactory result of the commissioned services.

Responsibility and additional services

A rather big advantage of the services of the employment agencies from outside is that they normally take full responsibility for the application process. This enables the employer to concentrate on the needs of his own company and to expect the complex services to be carried out from start to finish. This includes, among other things, the selection and application of applicants who meet all the requirements of the contract signed with the employment agency.

Gastamo Job Service also ensures that a worker can be exchanged free of charge during the first six months after hiring. This does not leave the employer alone with any problems. It is particularly important for positions where the specific skills are required.

How to choose an employment agency from Poland?

It can be possible to take advantage of all the benefits of outsourcing HR tasks if you choose an agency that has a great reputation in the market and the trust of customers. This means that you can be sure that the services you have ordered will be carried out correctly.

So how should you choose an agency? Market research should focus on the reputation of the companies that are present. Customers’ opinions speak a lot about the partner and his offer. The agency’s offer itself is of great importance. It is intended to present the services implemented and the way in which they are viewed clearly and clearly.

The contract for cooperation should refer to the phases of the application. The employer should know how the employees are acquired. There are also financial issues – it is worth making sure that the contract does not include any inconvenient additional fees.

Gastamo Job Service – Polish employment agency

The high level of services provided is guaranteed by agencies that have been active on the Polish market for many years. This criterion is met by Gastamo Job Service – for a long time the company has offered employers access to the vast database of employees who have the qualifications to suit different positions. These are both skilled workers and workers who do physical and seasonal work.

The services provided by Gastamo Job Service are complex in nature. Cooperation begins with the needs of the employer being defined together. So applicants must meet set conditions. Everything is summarized in a cooperation contract. Based on the above-mentioned characteristics and skills, the selection from the large, constantly updated database of employees is then carried out.

Every applicant is carefully examined. It is primarily about his education, professional experience, availability and language skills. The use of modern application techniques allows Gastamo to design a package of employees who have the chance to follow the requirements of the employer. What is important, the agency offers its services regardless of the number of sought people.

The contact details are exchanged so that the details can be agreed. Gastamo Job Service provides for the possible replacement of an employee during the six months from the hiring. This is done without additional fees, which means that the employer can count on the satisfaction guarantee. The use of the services of the Polish Employment Agency makes it easy and fast to find the right applicants who fit the company profile and the requirements for a job. This saves time and money that is allocated for the work of your own HR team. Everything makes it worthwhile to remember to close the cooperation with a Polish employment agency.