About us

GASTAMO Job Service is an employment agency throughout Poland and an international recruitment agency specializing in the application services of personnel for work in Germany, Austria, Norway and Ireland.
We offer our services both to companies looking for competent skilled workers and to applicants, i.e. people looking for work and people who want to change jobs or who want to gain an additional source of income.

How do we work?

We are looking for new, attractive jobs every day to show you the large selection of jobs and locations.

First – send us your application using the apply button.
Second – go to your email box, where you will find the most suitable job offers.
Third – choose the offer that suits you and let us arrange the date of your departure.
It is easier with us, without unnecessary formalities. Everyone will find the ideal work for themselves in Gastamo.
We will take care of you for at least 6 months after starting work. We will solve all possible problems together and we will advise you. If you do not like the job, we will transfer you to another one.
We will send you the latest job offers and the latest news regularly, which will make your dreams about working abroad come true.
Taking current market trends into account, we rely on flexibility, reliability and on-time delivery. We support employers with a great deal of commitment in finding suitable employees and we help applicants to recruit by suggesting positions that fully match their interests, experience and qualifications.
Check out our current vacancies and apply for a job with us!

Why we?

The values that are important to us result from our work, the foundations of which we build on human capital and high professional ethics.
We ensure constant care in every phase of the application and work

We always provide free accommodation and maintenance
We will not leave anyone unanswered and without an attractive offer
We consider each applicant individually


We work for you on the individually created operating system, which ensures the creation of the CVs and profiles of the applicants online, for which the suitable job offers are immediately assigned

Partner programs:

We regularly design the attractive partner programs, where you can even win up to EUR 500 per month.


Our consultants will be happy to answer your questions. You can contact us via online chat, the hotline or by email. You always get reliable information.


The satisfaction of the employer and the employee is our first goal. Only the complete satisfaction of both contracting parties allows us to consider the application as complete.

They trusted us

You can find our customers' reference contributions below

Gastamo showed their incredible professionalism by promoting twelve professionals we needed. The highest culture when looking at the customer, vast experience, ease and flexibility are the qualities that the company can show.
Hans Kruger

Project Manager

We can recommend working with Gastamo as an example of a reliable, smooth and on-time job. We hired the staff ordered faster than we expected and the quality of the applications sent exceeded our expectations.
Justyna Mikołajczak


The entire Gastamo team was up to the task during the course of our application process. The company is definitely recommended and ready to carry out and implement any challenge, we will use the services of Gastamo in the future - thank you!
Michael Muller

New business developer

A professional character of the services provided, the customer is constantly informed about the phases of recruiting, the service commissioned was carried out quickly and satisfactorily, the needs and the comments reported by the customer are taken into account, these are characteristics that Gastamo company deals with the application of qualified employees.
Gabriel Jończyk


Gastamo Job Service can be an example of a good cooperation with the customer. On the job market, it is seldom that the agreed deadlines as well as the needs of the employer are met. Our assignment included the recruitment of ten specialists from the metalworking industry. Everything was done professionally. Gastamo's recruitment department took into account all of the comments we made during implementation and provided professional help at every stage. I highly recommend it!
Ludwig Randecker

HR Manager, Scania

Best contact, professional approach and flexibility in working together. Meeting deadlines and professional competence should be the motto of Gastamo Job Service.
Thomas Neumann

Inhaber, Hotel zum Ochsen

Cooperation with Gastamo Job Service was perfect. Fast contact, great flexibility and creativity characterize the company and make it recommendable. I am sure that my cooperation with this company does not end with one order.
Irene Wanke

Director General, Impenia

This recruitment company has offered us the best conditions for working together compared to the others who also act as comprehensive recruiters. When choosing Gastamo Job Service, when it comes to employee recruitment and comprehensive job service, we focused on clear customer service and a competitive / affordable offer. The firmly established position of Gastamo Job Service on the market and the positive opinions were also important.
Andreas Mohl

Projekt manager, Zalando

Our clients

We present a few selected clients for whom we work